Mathematics 6150

Commutative Algebra

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There will be weekly homework assignments.

Friday October 5
Chapter 1 Problems "mod 26"
Friday October 12
Chapter 2 Problems "mod 26"
Friday October 19
Chapter 3 Problems "mod 26" and Problems 2.11, 3.19
Friday November 2
Chapter 5 Problems "mod 26"
Monday November 12
Problems  5.1,  5.3,  5.10, 5.11,  5.12,  5.14,  5.15,  5.30, 5.31, 5.35 (Turn in the problems in bold face on  Monday November 12)
Friday November 16
Chapter 6 and 8 Problems "mod 26"
Wednesday November 28
Chapter 7 Problems "mod 26"
(not to be collected)
Chapter 10 Problems 10.9 and 10.10
Monday December 17
Final Project

For those of you typing up your homework, you may want to consider learning to use LaTex.  If you have a mac, one possible easy way to get started is with texshop.  If you are using linux, there are a number of other possible ways to go, using emacs, ghostview, etc.  If you are using windows, you're on your own, but I'm sure there's something online.  Here is a sample homework file to use: (the .tex file, the .bib file, and the .pdf file).  It is probably easiest to just look at the .tex file, and start to experiment.  There is also the (Not so) short introduction to latex, which will answer most of your questions (although typing your question into your favorite search engine will probably work well, too).  You may also want to try http://scribtex.com/ for a cloud version.