Mathematics 3140

Abstract Algebra 1

This is a rough guide to the topics we will cover.

Week 1
Review of sets, linear algebra. Binary operations.
Week 2
Groups, subgroups, cyclic groups.
Week 3
Permutations, cosets
Week 4
Direct products, Finitely generated abelian groups
Week 5
Homomorphisms and factor groups
Week 6
Rings and fields
Week 7
Review, MIDTERM I Friday February 25
Week 8
Ideals and factor rings
Week 9
Rings of polynomials, factorization
Week 10
Factorization and integral domains
Week 11
Review, MIDTERM II Friday April 1
Week 12
Field extensions, introduction
Week 13
Field extensions continued
Week 14
Group actions on sets
Week 15
Further topics
Week 16
Week 17

Final exam schedule