University of Colorado at Boulder

FROM: Denver International Airport (DEN) TO: the Mathematics Department (or Hotel):

By Bus.  If you are willing to walk a little, the RTD SkyRide can be a convenient way to get from the Denver International Airport (DEN) to the Boulder mathematics department.  Catch the AB bus from the Transit Center below the Westin Hotel at the south end of the terminal.  Exact fare in cash is required.  The schedule is here

To get to the math department, ask the driver to let you off at the Broadway and Euclid stop.  This leaves you on campus.  Then walk to the math department (this is about a ten minute walk). 

The hotels are also a short walk from there, so this can be convenient for getting to your hotel as well.

By Shuttle.  You can also take the Super Shuttle to the hotels or the math department (if the shuttle asks for the street address of the math department, it is 2300 Colorado Ave, Boulder, CO 80309).  There is a counter in the terminal where you can buy a ticket, or you can make a reservation online in advance.

FROM: Mathematics Department (or Hotel) TO: Denver International Airport (DEN):

Pretty much the reverse of what is above.

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