Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Stanford University            April 19-20,  2003

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Kai Behrend (UBC)
Differential Graded Algebraic Geometry
Lawrence Ein (UIC)
Log Canonical Thresholds and Birational Geometry
Javier Fernandez (Utah)
Hodge Theoretic Construction of Frobenius Structures (transperancies)
Grisha Mikhalkin (Utah)
Tropical Algebraic Geometry and Enumeration of Curves
Ezra Miller (MSRI / Minnesota)
Combinatorial Positivity of Universal Formulae in Cohomology
Richard Thomas (Imperial College)
Stability Conditions
Organized by
Jun Li (Stanford), Ravi Vakil (Stanford), Aleksey Zinger (Stanford)


The Fall'03 WAGS took place at the University of British Columbia on September 13 and 14. The University of Utah will be hosting the Spring'04 WAGS. The Fall'04 and Spring'05 WAGS are expected to be held at the Colorado State University and Stanford, respectively.

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