MATH 2400 - Calculus 3, Spring 2019

Projects and activities:

Week 1, Monday (at home): Guidelines for 3D graphing (do at home)
Week 1, Monday (at home): Introduction to Mathematica (do pages 1 and 2 at home)
Week 1, Tuesday (at home): Introduction to Mathematica, cont. (do pages 3 and 4 at home)
Week 1, Thursday (Project week 1): Introduction to Mathematica, cont. and solutions

Week 2, Tuesday: Parametric Matching
Week 2, Thursday (Project week 2): What is this thing? (#1) and solutions

Week 3, Monday: Quadric Surfaces matching, and solutions
Week 3, Thursday (Project week 3): Parameterized curves and surfaces and solutions

Week 4, Thursday (Project week 4): Introduction to Line Integrals and solutions

Week 5, Thursday (Project week 5): Limits and Polar Coordinates and solutions
Week 5, Friday: What is the derivative of this thing? and solutions

Week 6, Monday: Composition of functions and solutions
Week 6, Thursday (Project Week 6): Gradient, Graphically
Week 6, Thursday (Project Week 6): Questions about Gradient, Graphically and solutions

Week 7, Thursday (Project week 7): Optimization and solutions

Week 8, Thursday (Project week 8): Slices vs. Skyscrapers and Order of Integration and solutions

Week 9, Thursday (Project week 9): Applications of Multiple Integrals and solutions

Week 10, Thursday (Project week 10): Introduction to Surface Integrals and solutions

Week 11, Wednesday: Vector Field Matching
Week 11, Thursday (Project week 11): Line Integrals over Vector Fields and solutions

Week 12, Thursday (Project week 12): What is this thing? (All about Line Integrals) and solutions

Week 13, Tuesday: Conservative or not?
Week 13, Thursday (Project week 13): Introduction to flux

Week 14, Thursday (Project week 14): Types of integrals (What is this thing, #3)

Week 15, Wednesday: The Fundamental Theorem, practice
Week 15, Thursday (Project week 15): The Fundamental Theorem, matching cards