MATH 2300 - Calculus 2, Spring 2018

January 16: Review of basic antiderivatives and solutions

January 16: Indefinite Integral dominoes and solutions

January 17: Mechanics of u/du substitutions and solutions

January 17: Recognizing u/du susbtitutions and solutions

January 18: Project 1: Trigonometric integrals and solutions

January 25: Project 2:Partial fractions and solutions

January 29: Tables, computer algebra systems, and alternate solutions and solutions

January 30: Approximate integration and solutions

February 1: Project 3: Comparison tests for improper integrals and solutions

February 2: Choosing a technique of integration and solutions (see last page)

February 8: Project 4: Areas and volume Practice and solutions

February 15: Project 5: Applications of Integration and solutions

February 20: Put these in order, in increasing rate of growth,
          Put these in order, in increasing rate of decay
          Sort these sequences onto this placemat.

February 22: Project 6: Geometric Series and solutions

February 26: Integral Test activity and solutions

February 28: Comparison Tests discovery and solutions

March 1: Project 7Comparison Tests Big Picture and solutions
Comparison Tests Details

March 2: Comparison Tests Practice and solutions

March 8: Project 8: Series, the big picture and solutions (see last page)

Summary of convergence tests

March 12: Series Matching (optional project), and solutions

March 13: Introduction to Taylor Polynomials and solutions

March 15: Project 9: Recursive sequences and solutions

March 19: Making new power series from geometric series and solutions

March 22: Project 10: Building new Taylor Series from old and solutions

April 2: Taylor series matching activity

April 4: Taylor Polynomial remainder estimate practice and solutions

April 5: Project 11: An application of Taylor series - approximating the area under a bell curve and solutions

April 6: Modeling with differential equations and solutions

April 9:
Slope field matching activity and solutions

April 10: Euler's method activity and solutions

April 12: Project 12: Torricelli's law and separable differential equations and solutions

April 18: Series Solutions to Differential Equations

April 19: Project 13: The SIR model and Ebola and solutions

April 20: Parametric matching activity

April 26: Project 14: Polar Coordinate practice and solutions

May 1: FTC review, flow in and flow out

May 2: Mixing problems and solutions

May 3:: Project 15: Some review problems and solutions